Once-a-Year Pest
Control Program…

►Proven once-a-year treatment

►No monthly visits

►No smelly sprays inside your home

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7-Step Program

Pest Control

We treat the outside perimeter of your home, the attic, inside the walls and under appliances by utilizing baits, boric acid and granular insecticides to offer the highest protection from unwanted pests.

Termite Control

Our termite protection services include treatment of the soil under and around your home by utilizing proven methods to keep termites out of your home.

Rodent Control

Our team will inspect your home for signs of rodents and will take appropriate measures to remove any rodents who have made their way into your home and prevent further pests from entering your home.


Ranger once-a-year pest control…

  • Proven once-a-year treatment
  • No monthly visits
  • No smelly sprays inside your home

Ranger Termite Protection Service…

  • Professional & reliable termite treatment
  • Transferable, renewable protection
  • Annual inspections to ensure ongoing effectiveness and peace-of-mind
  • Free re-treatment, if needed